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FOx  and  the  BEAR




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Fox and the Bear, is a VEER award winning, indie alternative sister duo. Based in Norfolk Va, is where their song writing and melody molding takes shape. The multi - instrumentalist sisters have a contagious authenticity that is woven in the ethereal harmonies, and resonating stories of their music, while creating depth and substance with their cocktail of instruments - including a kick drum made from their great grandmother's suit case.


The two released their self titled EP in January of 2017. Following the release they performed and toured locally and beyond their home state limits, growing with their fan base, while opening for National touring acts such as; Trevor Hall, Larkin Poe, The Hunts, and The Last Bison.

The sisters released their single 'July' on July 31st of 2019 before the independent launch of the duo's debut album 'We Will Be Alright', recorded and co-produced with Justin Hunt, and mastered by Jake Hull.



"Fox and the Bear's authentic aesthetic makes their music genuine. They find power in their simplicity, in that they don't need anything flashy to set them apart. 

Incredibly humble and genuine, the sisters are amazed by their success. Fox and the Bear are making their rounds now, but going at the rate that are now, they'll be nationally touring artists in no time."  


-Lindsey Lanham Journalist for ODU

"Fox and the Bear played at the first annual Suffolk Earth and Arts Festival and killed it! Their sister voices harmonize in such an etherial way and everyone was memorized and tapping their feet asking each other "Who is this? Where are they from? How can I hear more?" Can't wait to have them back for this years event!!" 


-Meredith Alphin Director of Suffolk Earth & Arts Festival 


"What a great show! Fox and The Bear have some glorious harmonies with their acoustic setting." -The ANTONYM



"I highly recommend going to each & every performance that you are able to attend. I can’t wait to get the pleasure to see them again." - Michaela Marie Keeley, Fan of FATB.


"To anyone who has not seen them, GO! They are a sister team with the most absolutely pure and beautiful voices and talent that I have not heard in a long time." -Penny Valentine, Fan of FATB.


"Don't be fooled by how humble these ladies are. Spectacular performers and very engaging. Down to earth and good sense of humor. Their recorded music is great, but the live experience is worth it!" -Kodey Gray, Fan of FATB.


"Life changing music. They’re incredible." -Sarah Satterly, Fan of FATB.

behind the name..

Picking a name to be known by is a commitment that could be sticking with you longer then a drivers license photo, with that said, it took the two sisters quite some debating, and frustration trying to decide and agree on something that fit. A popular question they run into is "who's the Fox, and who's the Bear?" - with good reason - but, the origin of that the name is.. Jeena's favorite animal is a FOX, and Jamie's Favorite animal is a BEAR... Entertaining the name collaboration with more research, they found one of Aesop's Fable's with a bear and a fox, and the moral of the story was 'Beware of what you boast'. That was what made it meaningful enough for them to be branded with it. The two don't ever want to lose vision of what matters most to them.


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about us



March 23rd

Commonwealth Brewing, Va Beach

5pm - 8pm



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